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6 Must-Have Accessories in Your Golf Bag

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Wolf Creek Golf Course is a semi-private 18-hole championship course located in Eden, Utah. From its establishment in 1963, it has become one of the best-golfing experiences in all of Utah. There are tee boxes for golfers of any level, and plenty of challenge for the more experienced ones.

Before you hit the links at Wolf Creek Golf Course, make sure you have all the following essentials packed for an enjoyable and fulfilling tee time.

  1. Rain gloves

    Sometimes, the weather can turn on you in the middle of a round. Having a pair of rain gloves packed just in case will prevent the club from slipping out of your hands when you swing. In fact, the wetter the gloves get, the better they grip. With a pair of rain gloves, you won’t need to worry about premature club releases.

    Having an umbrella and a peaked cap can also protect you from the elements, rain or shine.

  2. White wooden golf tees

    Rain gloves might only be used on rainy days, but white wooden tees? You need an ample supply for every time you play. Keep it in a pouch that is easily accessed. Avoid other colored tees, as white stands out from the green of the fairways best.

  3. Marker pens and golf pencils

    Marker pens are easily lost or misplaced, so keep an extra marker pen or two in your bag. Having one will help you identify your golf ball, especially when you make a bad shot.

    While we are talking about writing implements, a pencil is useful for keeping your score. A case would be helpful to keep both of your marker pens and golf pencils in just one organized place.

  4. A club brush

    Club faces can get mucked up while you play. A club brush is an absolute essential to keep your clubs clean. To keep your golf clubs in good shape, they should be cleaned after every shot. If that isn’t possible, then a cleaning after every round will suffice.

    A good brush will have two sides with different bristles; one side with hard bristles and the other with soft bristles. Ideally, a club brush will have a sharp point to clean deep grooves. One with a retractable cord is best.

  5. Used golf balls

    In addition to new golf balls, keep a supply of used golf balls on hand. Instead of wasting new ones, you can use old golf balls for practice and as “water balls,” if you aren’t good with water hazards.

  6. Refillable water bottle

    A round of golf can take hours. Keeping yourself hydrated, no matter the weather, is essential. A refillable water bottle will do just the trick. You can also invest on insulated options to keep your water cool throughout the play.

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