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Best activities in and around Powder Mountain

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Powder Mountain is one of the most prominent attractions in the Ogden Valley area. With over 8,000 acres to its name, it’s a playground for winter sports enthusiasts. Below are some of the things you can do in this world-class facility.


Powder Mountain is best known for skiing, with an expansive terrain that counts as one of the largest ski areas in the country.

Three thousand acres of Powder Mountain’s total acreage is dedicated as traditional skiing grounds, complete with groomed trails. This area is perfect for beginners as well as those who are still building their skills.

Meanwhile, advanced and more adventurous skiers have approximately 5,000 acres to run free. With all that snow, it’s easy to see why Powder Mountain is steadily becoming a favorite destination among skiers from all over the country.

If you’re planning a trip to Powder Mountain to check out its ski runs, it’s best to check the conditions ahead of time. You can do so here.


It’s only in Powder Mountain where you can find an area solely for snow-kiting. Everyone is welcome to sign up, with the snow-kiting pass costing about $20 per person. If you are completely new to the activity, you can take lessons at the Mountain Adventure Center, where you can also rent gear.

Backcountry tours

Powder Mountain is also one of the many jump-off points for your backcountry adventure. There are a variety of tours offered at the resort, including the following:


  • Snowcat ride to Lightning Ridge and Raintree – This unguided tour costs $20 to $25 and will take you all the way to Lightning Ridge and Raintree, two of the most scenic points in Powder Mountain.
  • DMI and Wolf Creek Experience – Do you want to explore Powder Mountain’s steepest areas? This guided tour for you.

    It involves a little bit of hiking, a snowcat ride, and finally, a shuttle ride at the end of the trip. Tours cost $235 for half-day and $335 for full day per person.

  • Inbound Guided Tours – If you want to explore Powder Mountain in its entirely (all 8,000 acres of it), take an inbounded guided tour.

    Fees range from $120 to $240 depending on number of participants and the length of the tour. Call Powder Mountain to reserve.

  • Backcountry 101 – Powder Mountain’s newest tour takes those who are uninitiated to the gorgeous Utah backcountry not just to soak in the sights but to learn handy skills as well.

You can find more tours here. To reserve a slot for your chosen tour, click here.

Ski and snowboarding for kids

Activities at Powder Mountain aren’t limited to adults. Kids get to experience some adrenaline rush as well!

Children age 6 to 12 years are welcome to join the Powder Club, which has skiing and snowboarding courses specifically designed for this age group. Kids as young as 3 years old can also learn how to ski and snowboard!

Meanwhile, local kids age 8 years and up are invited to join Powder Mountain Snow Sport School’s training program, a comprehensive 5-week course.

Live close to Powder Mountain

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