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Design hacks and tips to maximize your condo space

Like many condos for sale in Ogden, Utah, the typical condounit hasrelatively small floor space. While it may be challenging to fityour home essentials and personal belongings in it, there are several creative ways to maximize the space in your condo without having to sacrifice style.Here are some design hacks to help you make the most out of your condo space:

Use a TV mount

Media consoles are notorious for making your condo look cramped. Consider using a TV mount if you have a particularly large television set. You’d be surprised by how much floor space you’ll free up.

Keep it calm and cool

Using neutral and even-toned color palettes as a unifying theme in your space will make it appear larger. Don’t forget to add texture to prevent the area from looking flat. Rugs or throw pillows in bold prints can do the trick.

Maintain zones

The typical condo usually employs an open floor plan that provides a seamless segue from one space to the other. For better composition and delineation, establish zones per area. For example, choose dark paint for your home office’s wall if it sharesthe same area with your living room. This gives the feeling of having separate spaces with different purposes.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

This is a commonly used hack used by most interior designers – installing mirrors in strategic areas of your condo unit. These make thearea appear larger, roomier, and lighter. If your condo has a great view, purchase a large mirror that will reflect the spectacular scenery from a different angle.

Look at the vertical horizon

Most condo owners forget the value of vertical space. You can definitely add storage that functions as decor while also creating uniformity. A simple hack to spruce up and declutter your floor space is by using floating shelves. Why not install a wall desk while you’re at it?

Invest in multifunctional furniture

Living in a condo doesn’t mean having less furniture – you just need to be more selective with the kind of furniture to buy. Choose pieces that have not just one but a variety offunctions. Adjustable stools in different heights, pull-out sofas, mobile kitchen islands – the possibilities are endless.

Let the light shine through

Big or small, a living space requires strategic lighting techniques. For smaller spaces within your condo, install a flush mount ceiling lightinstead of large decorative lights. For your bathroom, consider lighting up your vanity mirrors and medicine cabinet.

Utilize open storage

Closed cabinets will instantly make your kitchen feel smaller. Try using sleek metal racks or open shelves to store your dishes and kitchenware.

Think outside the box

Don’t shy away from playing around with your furniture arrangement. Rearrange the pieces in your condo until they give you a functional feel. Keep exploring space utilization until your condofeels right and easy to move in.

Please be seated

Select seating that can be folded up and stored if you don’t have any guests. For couches, you can choose one that can double as a bed for extra functional comfort.

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