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Five ways to boost your condo’s resale value

Five ways to boost your condo’s resale value

Condo living has plenty of perks, but it comes with a set of drawbacks as well. These disadvantages can make selling a condo a challenging experience. Fortunately, there are several ways you can increase your condo’s resale value and attractiveness. Here are five of these tips.

  1. Make upgrades to the kitchen

    A new kitchen can add to your condo’s resale value significantly. Before you do any work on it, step back and assess what it needs.

    If you have outdated appliances, replace them with new and energy-efficient ones. Faded cabinets as well as old hardware may need to be refaced or replaced. If the kitchen also lacks storage, make sure to add some.

    One change that will overhaul your kitchen is a new countertop. Granite and marble are timeless choices that add to any property’s resale value. Both materials are also durable and can make the kitchen (and the bathroom) feel luxurious.

  2. Make the bathroom seem brand new

    Like the kitchen, bathrooms can also boost your condo’s resale value. The key is to make it as brand new and clean as possible.

    Sinks, toilets, and showers that show significant wear and tear should be replaced. Check for cracked tiles and make the necessary repairs. New hardware will always be appreciated. For the walls, a fresh coat in a neutral yet beautiful color will change the look of the space dramatically.

  3. Repaint the walls

    The bathroom is not the only room that needs repainting. The entire unit does. A new coat of paint will breathe new life into the space.

    As much as possible, avoid crisp white. Stick to warm or cool neutrals, such as taupe, light beige, eggshell white, or greige (a combination of grey and beige). It would also be well to repaint the ceilings as well as the trim.

  4. Don’t forget the flooring

    Flooring can also bring a remarkable change to the condo’s resale value. If you have the budget, consider hardwood such as oak and cherry, stained in soft and warm shades. If funds are limited, refinishing wooden floors and using area rugs to artfully cover the floor will help.

    If you have carpeted floors, you have the option to replace it professionally cleaned. If the carpeting, however, is quite outdated, the former would be a better solution.

  5. Add more storage

    Storage options are almost always limited in condos because of the smaller footprint. Luckily, there are ways to create more storage. Dividers and organizers can make closets and cabinets store more items and look clean in the process. Under-utilized or empty spaces can also be transformed into shelves and cupboards.

Even the simplest changes to your condo can increase its resale value and make it stand out among other condos for sale in Ogden, Utah. Just be sure to check with the condo’s homeowners association about what you can or cannot do.

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