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Things To Do In Ogden Valley, Utah

There’s plenty of fun to have in Ogden Valley. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or some relaxation, this beautiful place offers year round activities, from skiing and snowmobiling, to scenic drives and horseback riding. There’s so much to do, that it might be hard to know where to start. Here are some ideas for how to make the most of your Ogden Valley experience.

When boredom sets in, it’s like everything is screeching to a halt. You feel like you should get something done, you know you should be getting something done. But the next thing you know, an hour has passed, scrolling through social media. And what’s on there? Photos of people eating new foods, on the tops of mountains, going on hikes, generally just being productive.

You know that feeling of wanting to set down your phone and do something great, don’t you? Sometimes, what holds us back from feeling accomplished is simply not knowing what’s out there. More often than not, some of your new favorite hobbies are located right in your backyard. It’s amazing how much you can get done, if you’re always doing something, and in Ogden Valley, Utah, you’re never far from fun things to do.

Ski To Your Heart’s Content

If you’ve ever wondered why Utah advertises having the Greatest Snow On Earth, here’s your chance.

There’s a lot to be said for Utah’s mountains. When you’re sailing down those slopes, feeling the cool breeze and the sun, you’ll know why this state hosted the 2002 Winter Games. Regardless of your skill level, the ski resorts in Ogden Valley have something for everyone. You can learn to ski or snowboard down the face of the famous Wasatch Mountains and catch the thrill with every run.

There are three ski resorts in Ogden Valley:
Powder Mountain
Nordic Valley

No matter which one you choose, you cannot go wrong. Each resort has its own claim to fame that ranks it up there with the best, bringing a combined 11,600+ skiable acres to the table.


If we were to list everything that makes Snowbasin Ski Resort so amazing, it would be a blog post all on its own. As VisitUtah.com describes it: “Snowbasin takes care of everything it can control… and Mother Nature does the rest.”

After all, with top of the line equipment, lifts, lodges, not to mention world-class slopes themselves, it’s no wonder that Ski Magazine rated Snowbasin in the top ten of its best ski resorts in the west.

During the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, Snowbasin served as the site for the men and women’s downhill, combined, and super G races. But if you’re a beginner, don’t let that intimidate you. There are plenty of places for a beginner to start. And in between runs, you can relax on a beautiful gondola ride.

Powder Mountain

At 8,400 acres, Powder Mountain is the largest of Ogden’s ski resorts, and it needs every square foot to contain all the adventures you can have while you’re there.

Aside from just skiing and snowboarding, Powder Mountain offers:
A ride in the rugged Snowcat vehicle

You can fill your winter days exploring those slopes, having experiences that you’ll talk about for ages to come. And don’t worry if you don’t have any equipment, they’ve got that covered, too, by offering rentals.

Nordic Valley

Nordic Valley is the place to hone your skills on the slopes. This is the family friendly ski-resort that helps you become better at skiing and snowboarding, while also remaining enjoyable to pros and longtime enthusiasts.

While it doesn’t offer lodging, the journey and destination are as scenic as can be, and the slopes make it a favorite of the locals. But the adventure doesn’t have to end with the daylight, Nordic Valley is a prime location for night skiing, making an already exciting sport all the more adrenaline-fueled.

But what’s the secret to getting the best lodging for Ogden Valley ski resorts? Living nearby. Thankfully Ogden Valley, in addition to providing amazing skiing, also has beautiful properties up for sale, so that you can take advantage of the nearness and get on those slopes even sooner each day.

Take A Relaxing Scenic Drive Through Ogden Canyon

If you’re looking to get the heart rate down a little bit and decompress, how about a drive through Ogden Canyon? The winding road journeys through valleys and around the feet of the Wasatch mountains, meaning that no matter the time of year, this drive never stops being beautiful.

As you drive, especially during the summer, you can roll down the windows and hear the sound of the Ogden River rolling along beside you. No time spent driving along that river is wasted.

What makes it even better? This drive will put you right near ski-resorts like the ones we talked about above, as well as Pineview Reservoir, where you can waterski, fish, boat, and more.

The advantage of living nearby is that you get constant access to this amazing drive at any time of year, making it a go-to location for long drives and relaxation.

Feel Adventure In The Monte Cristo Mountains

East of Ogden Valley rests the Monte Cristo mountains, a place that offers year round adventure in addition to being absolutely scenic.

Here you’ll get the chance to be out in nature, filling your lungs with fresh air, and viewing beautiful wildlife (such as visiting the elk at Hardware Ranch).

In addition to camping and hiking, the Monte Cristo mountains feature extensive trails that during the winter are perfect for snowmobiling and during the summer are ideal for horseback riding. This means that no matter the time of year, you are bound to have an adventure.

And why choose which time of the year to experience these activities? Living nearby gives you the perfect opportunity to try everything.

Move Away From Boredom With Destination Properties

If you’re ready to have the adventures you’ve been looking for, then Destination Properties is there to put you right nearby. By working with our team of experienced realtors, we can help you find a beautiful home that isn’t far from all the amazing things to do in the Ogden Valley, thus giving you more time out there having fun, and less time spent just getting there.

You can find a home that will give you year round access to the activities that will cure boredom and maybe even find your new favorite hobby. All the while you’ll get to return to that amazing home at the end of every adventure.

Getting there is easy: Simply contact Destination Properties and we can get started finding you your dream home in the Ogden Valley. If you know what you’re looking for already, then you can enter in the details you want to see on our search page and narrow down your options, getting you one step closer to an incredible new home.