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Unforgettable Adventures in Eden, Utah

Lavender Hill Utah

Every so often, you discover a place that truly lives up to its name. Such is the case with Eden, Utah.

This little slice of heaven in Weber County is home to Powder Mountain Ski Resort, a part of the majestic Ogden River, and the beautiful Pineview Reservoir. Is it any wonder why homes for sale in Eden, Utah are in high demand?

Because of its ideal location, there are many great activities you can do in and around Eden. Below are just a few of them:

The Southern Skyline Trail

What better way to recharge than by reconnecting with nature? And if it’s an outdoor getaway you’re after, the Southern Skyline Trail is an excellent choice. The trail starts at Pineview Reservoir in Ogden Canyon and stretches about 9.5 miles along hardpack dirt. The summit is 3,100 feet from sea level and affords you views of the surrounding mountains and reservoir.

Needle Express Gondola

They say the best view is the view from the top. The Needle Express Gondola offers just that, giving riders a scenic view of Snowbasin Resort from 8,800 feet in the air. You’ll also get a peek of Needles Peak, a unique rock formation from which the gondola takes its name. You’ll even pass by the area where the men’s and women’s downhill event for the 2002 Olympics was held. The ride is dog-friendly too and you can board your mountain bike onto the gondola as well.

Treehouse Museum

The museum was built 27 years ago with the goal of educating children through interactive exhibits and programs. Its mantra is “Step into a story,” which reflects the role of storytelling and pretend play in helping kids make sense of the world around them. Inside the 30,000-square-feet facility, kids can play music, complete crafts projects, be a fireman for a day, ride through the Old West, and more!

New World Distillery

If you’ve got a taste for fine spirits, book a seat at New World Distillery. Started by husband-and-wife team Chris and Ashley Cross, the distillery uses only the highest-quality organic ingredients to create their GMO-free spirits. They also focus on sustainability, using cutting-edge and environmentally friendly equipment. Its signature drink is the Oomaw Gin, which has a distinct juniper flavor that’s mellowed by eight additional botanicals.

Lavender Hill

A field covered by lavender is a scene straight out of a painting but it’s a real destination in Utah called Lavender Hill. As its name suggests, Lavender Hill sells handcrafted lavender products such as essential oils, lotions, balms, and bath bombs, among others. It also offers a variety of crafting classes, such as watercolor painting and herbal bath salt making. And when the lavender is in full bloom, you can even book a one-hour photography session on site.

Eccles Dinosaur Park

A trip to Eccles Dinosaur Park is like stepping into the Jurassic Park movie. The attraction boasts over a hundred animatronic dinos, ranging from ferocious raptors to flying pterodactyls, and the fearsome T-Rex. All the dinosaurs are faithful recreations based on actual fossils that are brought to life with state-of-the-art robotics.

If you want to live extraordinarily, Eden, Utah is an ideal location. With stunning views and interesting attractions, an Eden, Utah real estate property is a wise investment indeed.

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