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How To Have An Adventure In Eden, Utah

If you’re looking for a way to escape the day-to-day and have adventures that will give you stories to tell, then look for further than Eden, Utah. Here, amazing experiences begin before you’ve even parked the car and no matter the time of year, there are always new things to try. But what exactly is there to find? Let’s find out.

When you step into work on Monday, one of the first questions you’re inevitably asked is, “What did you do over the weekend?”

It’s not the worst question in the world, but if you find yourself constantly giving the same answers (“Nothing much,” “Just hung out,” “The usual…”), that’s when things might start to get monotonous.

When you find yourself constantly doing the same thing, then it’s easy to start feeling unfulfilled in life. When you get asked that question, “What did you do over the weekend?” don’t you want to be able to give an answer that will have people hooked on your every word?

Today is the day to step away from the mundane, to get away from “the usual,” and to have an adventure that will give you stories to talk about for ages to come. And the best part is that these exciting experiences can happen right in your own backyard.

Eden, Utah: A Place For Adventure

Tucked away in the Ogden Valley, you’ll find the incredible place known as Eden. This is Northern Utah’s hidden gem. Residing at the feet of the Wasatch Mountain range, here you’ll be astounded by the scenic vistas and will get to explore them yourself if you feel like it.

Regardless of the time of year, there’s always something to do. You can have the adventures you’ve dreamed of having, from horseback riding on mountain trails, to skiing down powdered slopes, to boating and watersports. You will escape the day-to-day by making each day a new experience.

See The Ogden Valley From A Whole New Perspective

During the summer, when the snow has melted and the flowers are in bloom, that’s the perfect time to hit the trails (and there’s more than one way to do even that). In Eden, you can venture along the beautiful Wasatch Mountain landscape, regardless of if you’re looking for a leisurely stroll or to conquer upward mountain paths.

During the spring and summer, Nordic Valley Ski Resort’s slopes become beautiful hiking trails, giving a beautiful view of the stunning vista that is the Ogden Valley
If you’re looking to venture down the mountains a little faster, however, and get an adrenaline rush while doing it, then mountain biking is a great way to feel the fresh Ogden wind filling up your lungs. In fact, Liberty Loop is a way to experience the green valleys of Eden in a way few get to experience
Eden, Utah, also provides several opportunities to experience the great outdoors while horseback riding, a one-of-a-kind experience that you’ll want to tell everyone about

Feeling the sun on your face, breathing in the fresh air, and getting out and moving is invigorating, made even better by the picturesque landscape that Eden provides. Don’t deprive yourself of the opportunity to see the Ogden Valley from a whole new perspective, far above the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day.

The more you get out and forge those paths, the more you might want to never leave Eden at all.

Ski Down The Greatest Snow On Earth

Whether you are a skiing enthusiast or a first-timer, you can feel the thrill of skiing down the thousands of acres of Eden’s ski resorts. What during the summer are amazing hiking trails becomes slopes so exciting that will leave you knowing why Utah was chosen for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.
Powder Mountain: Known as the largest of Ogden Valley’s 3 ski resorts, there are so many things to do at Powder Mountain. Aside from skiing and snowboarding, there’s lodging, food, shopping, as well as getting a ride in the rugged Snowcat vehicle
Nordic Valley: This is Eden’s most family friendly ski resort. Here, beginners and pros alike can sharpen their skills and fall in love with winter sports. After sundown, you might just want to stick around, because Nordic Valley offers night skiing, which is a whole other experience

Looking for lodging can be a pain, but if you own a home nearby, you can give yourself the chance of being one of the first to touch those slopes in the mornings.

Relax On A Scenic Drive

The best way to enter Eden is by way of the Ogden Canyon drive. This beautiful byway winds along the feet of the mountains and snakes beside the Ogden River. It is about 40 miles long from start to finish, giving you plenty of time to just relax and cruise.

During the spring and summer months, you can roll down your windows and let the fresh clean air flow in along with the sound of the river running alongside. Eventually the canyon opens up on the Ogden Valley, giving you a stunning view of Pineview Reservoir and the neighboring city of Hunstville.

You’ll want to visit this drive all year round purely to see the changing colors, from the bright greens of summer, to the yellows and browns of fall, to the snow-capped mountains in wintertime.

All along the way are plenty of points of interest to stop and explore:
The Eccles Dinosaur Park
Sill’s Red Rock Cafe
The Shooting Star Saloon
The Monte Cristo Mountain Range

Let your stresses melt away as you wend your way through the Ogden Valley. You might just never get tired of that byway.

Experience The Beauty of Stargazing In Utah

On a clear summer night, the view of the stars is breathtaking. Just imagine having nowhere to be, nothing to disturb you, and being able to break out a telescope or even just look up into the starry sky.

Whether you want some quiet time for yourself, or want to spend an evening with friends and family, spending a warm evening simply letting your eyes explore the sky above is time well spent.

Eden Valley, with its many connections to the outdoors, provides incredible opportunities for stargazing, with fresh air and the nighttime sounds of nature to accompany you. Who knows, it might just spark an interest that will have you wanting to explore the Dark Sky Parks of Utah.

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