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Best Biking Locations Near Eden, Utah

You’ve heard of a runner’s high, now get ready to experience a biker’s high. Cycling and mountain biking through the Ogden Valley is a surefire way to get you out in nature, get you moving, and improve your health. When it comes to Eden, Utah, you will get the opportunity to cruise along among rolling green hills and epic mountain ranges. Here we’ve got a list of great biking routes in the Ogden Valley whether on level ground or mountain trails.

Riding A Bike Is A Simple Way To Improve Your Health

Cycling is a wonderful aerobic exercise, and not just because it’s low-impact, meaning less strain on your muscles and ligaments. This sport comes with a plethora of physical, emotional, and mental health benefits. In fact, Harvard Health has estimated that a 155 lb person can burn almost 300 calories every 30 minutes at around 12-13 mph on a bike.

  • According to Healthline.com, cycling can help with stress-relief, releasing anxiety, and, in some cases, even lessening depression. Exercise releases endorphins in the body, helping lower stress and feel better.
  • On top of that, studies are showing that exercising in the outdoors heightens even those effects.

One of the best parts is that people of almost all fitness levels can enjoy taking a bike for a spin in the great outdoors. And people seeking an adrenaline rush have found mountain biking in particular to be rigorous, challenging, and thrilling.

The Ogden Valley provides amazing cycling and mountain biking routes for amateurs and pros alike and there’s more than enough to constantly add some variety to your routine.

Cycling Routes In And Around Eden

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, there are biking locations for any skill level around Eden.

Ogden River Parkway

If you hop on your bike at the Rainbow Gardens, you can get right onto the Ogden River Parkway. This route is perfect if you’re looking for a relaxing cruise past some of the Ogden Valley’s most popular landmarks.

You can take the paved trail alongside the musical banks of the Ogden River, passing the Eccles’ Dinosaur Park, and voyaging all the way to Fort Buenaventura State Park. From beginning to end, this ride is perfect for getting the heart-rate up while bringing stress down, giving you a chance to just get out and enjoy the world around you.


King Of The Mountain

If you’re looking for more of a challenge, then this is the place to do it. The King of the Mountain run will blend amazing views with a strong workout on your leg muscles.

This route follows northbound Harrison Boulevard to 3100 North. Glide over the North Ogden Divide and soar down into beautiful Eden, taking the east side of Pineview Reservoir. The trail will take you on to Old Snowbasin Road (State Road 226) and right up to Snowbasin Ski Resort. During the winter it is a place for skiers and snowboarders to cut through the powdered slopes, but come summertime it is vibrant and green, a perfect place to stop and take in the view while you catch your breath.

To bring the route full circle, describe Trappers Loop and swing your way through Mountain Green, slingshotting yourself right through Weber Canyon. You’ll come right back into Ogden like a champion.

Fantastic Trails For Mountain Biking

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, then you’ll find it with mountain biking. Grasping the handlebars and feeling that excited stomach drop as you race across rough-hewn trails, you’re sure to find the adventure you’re looking for.

Skyline Trail

If you want a challenge, then here it is. The Skyline Trail is part of the Great Western Trail (a famous route stretching from Mexico to Canada). This route is a bucket-list item of any fan of mountain biking. Taking the south section, you’ll be met with an experience that will have the legs burning and the heart racing.

You can start your journey on the west side of Pineview Reservoir at the Pineview Trailhead on a 5 mile single-track climb, at the end of which you’ll come to a fork in the road. You can’t go wrong either way, with one side taking you 4 miles onward to Lewis Peak and the other leading you for another 3.5 miles to the North Ogden Divide.

For an added thrill, if you take the latter option, you’ll experience a heart-racing descent for the last mile.

In the end, you can take the Pioneer Trail, a great path that will swing you right into Spring Mountain. You can soar past Snowcrest School and go right onwards until you eventually reach the trailhead again.

The Bonneville Shoreline Trail

What makes this area great is that there is something for any skill level of mountain biker, and everyone is rewarded with an amazing view.

Offering trailheads at Rainbow Gardens in the Ogden Valley, as well as 22th, 29th, and 36th Streets out of Ogden, you have numerous places where you can start your journey. And regardless of where you begin, it won’t be long before you are looking out across the beautiful vista of Ogden City and beyond.

There are trails ranging from 6 miles to 20 miles, and all of them will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, soaring past trees, plants, hills, wildlife, and streams. This is a place where you can experience freedom and explore the many different routes, all of varying difficulties.

During the spring, the area is popular for other mountain bikers as well as hikers and sometimes their pets. If you’re looking for a place to stretch your legs, then this is it.

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