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Budget-friendly tips for staging a vacant house

When it comes to selling an empty home, staging has become such a critical technique. It can highlight your house’s features, making it more appealing to the eyes of your buyers. But doing this doesn’t have to cost a lot. Here are some budget-friendly staging ideas you can do for homes for sale in Ogden Utah.

Tip #1 – Declutter your home.

Decluttering your house can do wonders to your selling power. For this, we highly recommend staging your bathrooms and kitchen first. These two rooms are the easiest to manage because they won’t need too much furniture. It’ll also allow your buyers to picture how their belongings will go into their new house.

Start by getting rid of personal items in your cabinets and closets. Adding little things like artificial fruits and towels will also give your kitchen and bathroom an added touch.

Tip #2 – Clean your home.

Ensure that every nook and cranny of your rooms are clean. Don’t use fragrant sprays because they only mix with the smell. Instead, grind lemon to eliminate sink odors or burn cinnamon sticks. Remember that the more welcoming your home is, the more it’ll be appealing to your buyers.

Tip #3 – Add light fixtures and natural decorations.

Aside from decluttering and cleaning new homes for sale in Ogden Utah, we recommend adding light fixtures and natural decorations to brighten your house. An excellent combination of the two can make your old house look brand new.

Focusing on natural lighting will also make a massive impact on your room. On top of that, adding plants or decorations that reflect your geographical location will also look more pleasing to your buyers.

Tip #4 – Place furniture in primary rooms only.

When staging a vacant home, it is essential to choose which rooms should have furniture. Doing such a strategy will save you tons of money.

For this, we recommend placing a piece or two of furniture in your master bedroom and living room. Take care not to go overboard with them. Just pick the most essential, unique, and high-quality furniture that goes in place with your rooms.

Tip #5 – Choose neutral colors for the walls.

Investing in neutral tones for your walls is another budget-friendly way of staging your house. Off-whites with a touch of stronger colors can also make your room look more lovely. We also suggest focusing on your woodwork and cabinets.

Tip #6 – Focus on your curb’s features

Finally, staging your home also involves maintaining its exterior features. Since many buyers base their decisions on your curb, make sure it looks appealing and well-kept. Have your lawn cut and your garden maintained. You can also use high-quality paint to make your house’s outside look clean and well-maintained.

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