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How to choose between a townhouse or a condo

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There is no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing which type of residence to rent or purchase. Home shoppers do not only consider their current budget and needs but also the maintenance that their choice of housing requires. Many factors can be a dealbreaker like location, price, design, and more. Hence, listing down the advantages and disadvantages of our housing choices is imperative.

Home shoppers need to understand their options to make an informed choice. Fortunately, we have collated information about condominiums and townhouses to help them choose wisely between the two. Consider this article a primer on what type of residence fits what lifestyles.

Evaluate Your Options: Condos or Townhouses

Condos are similar to apartments since they are individual units within a large complex of homes or buildings. The only difference between the two is that residents usually own the condos and do not rent from the landlord. On the other hand, townhomes mostly resemble row houses since they are separate units that share walls with adjacent townhouses.

When we compare condos and townhomes, the only difference boils down to ownership and responsibilities. Condo owners must not only look after their units but also for the complex structures that they share with other owners-tenants. They pay monthly fees to the Homeowners’ Association for the maintenance of common areas.

On the contrary, townhouse ownership is more in line with the responsibilities that detached single-family homes have. We cannot thoroughly differentiate the two housing choices by their architecture. We can live on what looks like a townhouse but is precisely a condo based on ownership rights.

Pros and Cons

Condo owners can save more money since the residence requires the least amount of home maintenance. They only need to support the walls that they share with their neighbors. However, the primary downside of buying or renting a condo is the level of freedom in terms of unit customization. HOA has more control over the developments within your home. Hence, condos are more fitting for home shoppers who do not stress too much over redesigning their units. Moreover, this housing choice is for homeowners who like to keep their maintenance expenses to a minimum.

When we cannot decide between a house and a condo, choosing a townhouse might give us the best of both worlds. Townhomes offer more autonomy than condos in decorating units, although the developments still have to be HOA-approved. However, buying or renting the residence can be expensive since the HOA dues can also add up quickly.

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