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Resale or New Construction?

resale or new construction homes

Homes for sale in Ogden, Huntsville, and Wolf Creek real estate come in a variety of options. Exploring all of the offerings can be a time-consuming process. Thankfully, there are several ways you can narrow down your home search.

One question that does is if you should purchase a resale property or a new construction. Here are a couple of factors to consider when choosing between the two.

New Construction Homes

  • Brand-new everything: One of the best benefits of new construction is that everything is new, from the floors to the shingles on the roof to the kitchen appliances. It only requires minimal cleaning. The house is ready for you to move in.
  • Higher level of customization: With a custom-built home, you can personalize the property depending on your style preferences, needs, and lifestyles. That said, some residential developments impose several limits. For example, most builders already have a pre-selected color palette for the exterior and interior walls. They may have limits on the types of flooring that can be used. That said, having limited options is not always a bad thing. Would you rather have 20 colors to choose from or 400?
  • Energy efficiency: A newly constructed home will be more energy-efficient, as they must meet stricter local and national codes. This will help you lessen your carbon footprint and reduce your utility bills.
  • Home guarantee: Reputable home builders are not afraid to put a stamp on their quality work, going so far as to provide new home warranties.

Resale Properties

  • Great location: Older homes tend to be located in established neighborhoods, which greatly impact their property value. The landscaping is mature and plentiful as well.
  • Character and history: Pre-owned homes have some history. The sellers have lived in the home and can tell you anything you need to know, including the cost of utilities and what it’s like to live in the area.
  • Come with amenities: Unlike newly constructed homes, which are similar to blank slates, resale properties already come with amenities that might fit your needs and preferences. In some occasions, sellers of older properties also include some furniture and appliances for sale. This will help you cut down the costs of moving into a new home, and even divert some of the funds to other expenses.
  • Lots of options: Floor plans in new construction, particularly in master-planned communities, are usually pre-designed to appeal to a broad range of homebuyers. If you would like more variety and, in a sense, an inherent uniqueness to your home, a resale home might be what you are looking for.

Whether you are looking for new construction or resale home, the real estate markets of Wolf Creek, Eden, Huntsville, and Ogden in Utah will deliver.

Start exploring your real estate options today. Browse the latest property listings in the area, which consist of both new and resale homes. When you are ready, get in touch with our team at 801.745.2009 or info(at)destinationproperties(dotted)com to buy your dream home in the beautiful Ogden Valley.