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 Choosing a Snowbasin Real Estate Agent

Tips for Choosing a Snowbasin Real Estate Agent Choosing a Snowbasin real estate agent will help you to choose the perfect luxury property. There are several factors that you should consider to help ensure that you choose the ideal real estate...

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The commercial real estate closing process

Are you closing your first commercial real estate purchase soon? Although complicated at first glance, the process shares similarities to when you close on a residential real estate purchase. The main differences are there are fewer fed...

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What you need to know about condo fees

Condominium fees or dues are regular contributions paid by unit owners to their homeowners’ association (HOA). The fees pay for the maintenance and upkeep of the building, its common areas, the services and amenities residents enjoy. ...

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Factors to consider when setting rental prices

Rent often determines how quickly a new tenant moves into a vacant apartment or rental property – or how fast they move out. Thus, it’s important to set the right rental price. The following rental tips will help attract new lessee...

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Guide to making an offer on commercial real estate

First-time commercial real estate buyers and investors often find it daunting to make an offer on a piece of property they desire. This guide and the commercial real estate tips embedded in it will help buyers craft their offer in a way t...

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Commercial real estate trends in the new normal

2020 will forever be marked into everyone’s memory as the year a microorganism has brought the entire world to its knees. The economic impact of COVID-19 has adversely affected nearly every industry, from retail down to tourism. Th...

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Guide to financing your condo

Typically lower priced than your standard single-family home, many people who want to have a place of their own while on a budget opt for condos. Not only does this constitute their first real estate investment but this also allows them to ...

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