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Exciting activities and destinations to enjoy in Ogden, Utah

Ogden, Utah is a world-class destination thanks to its easy access to three top-rated ski resorts and wide array of fun attractions for locals and visitors of all ages.

With so much exciting places to discover, deciding which spots to head to first can be quite tricky. To help you out, we’ve listed some of the best destinations around town:

Treehouse Children’s Museum
347 22nd Street Ogden, UT

Treehouse Children’s Museum features a wide variety of hands-on exhibits and activities focusing on art, literature, and humanities. Young visitors will be able to enjoy fun, educational exhibits like the One World Village, Pioneer School House, Jack’s Fairytale Diner, Dinosaurs: Land of Fore and Ice, and many more.

The museum also offers daily programs and special events including classic fairytales and folk stories performed live by the Treehouse Troupe.

Ogden Nature Center
966 West 12th Street, Ogden, UT

Opened in 1975, the Ogden Nature Center is the first nature center established in the state of Utah. Covering more than 150 acres, the scenic venue is home to a network of walking trails, wildlife preservation areas, observation towers, animal exhibits, bird blinds, and other amenities.

The Ogden Nature Center also offers a diverse assortment of activities and programs for all ages, such as fun runs, birdhouse competitions and exhibits, summer camps, and more.

Historic 25th Street

Historic 25th Street was originally an important railroad junction in the 1800s before turning into a gambling hotspot, earning it nicknames such as “Notorious Two Bit Street” and “Electric Alley.”

The area was reinvented in 1954, paving the way for today’s vibrant destination filled with top-notch restaurants, shops, and art galleries. The district also serves as a site for numerous events such as car shows, live performances, food bazaars and more every year.

If you’re new to Ogden, Historic 25th Street should definitely be one of the first places you should explore.

Waterfall Canyon

Outdoor lovers looking forward to breathtaking views and a challenging adventure can enjoy an unforgettable hiking trip at Waterfall Canyon, one of Ogden’s most popular hiking trails.

The three-mile round trip trail features gorgeous scenery with a spectacular 200-foot waterfall and panoramic views of Ogden Valley. The trip takes about two hours to complete, and has a “moderate” difficulty rating, with steep, rocky terrain and several sections with loose rocks.

A number of trailheads provide access to Waterfall Canyon, but the most frequently used one can be found at the top of 29th Street on the east side of Ogden. Other trails can be accessed here – the one leading to the waterfall is signed as “Malan Falls.” The first section is an easy uphill hike towards the Bonneville Shoreline trail. You can follow this trail south, leading towards the mouth of Waterfall Canyon.

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